Posted by: projectnado | January 20, 2009

Great New Restaurant in Coronado – Candelas on the Bay

If you like to eat out you have plenty of good restaurants to choose from in Coronado. One of the newest fine dining establishments to open in Coronado is Candelas on the Bay. Some friends and I recently went to Candelas for the first time. Slated as a Mexican “Gourmet” restaurant, I was pretty doubtful, as I’d rarely used the words Mexican and Gourmet in the same sentence before.  However after experiencing Candelas, I now have a new appreciation of the delicacy and range of this regions’ cuisine, not to mention the skill of it’s executive chef Eduardo Beaza.
We arrived at 3:30pm in time for lunch which ends at 4:00pm, and even though we stayed for the next 2 hours, we still had the benefit of trying out the lunch menu which the downtown Candelas doesn’t offer.
Standouts from the menu were an amazingly delicate nectar-from-the-Gods level Black Bean Soup which only one of us ordered, but all of us ended up sharing. Another favorite was the Molcajete.  Molcajete dishes are cooked and served in a sizzling hot volanic stone pot. This molcajete was designed to serve two, but everyone at the table made sure not a drop of liquid or morsel of food remained for this Molcajete’s trip back to the kitchen. We all sang the praises of the succulent steak slices, the tender  jumbo shrimps and perfectly cooked zuchinni and baby onions, and the crispy and scrumptious Queso Fresco or fresh Mexican cheese which was baked into the side of this dish.  We were all very grateful to have fresh home-made rolls on the table so we could absorb all the remaining pan juices from this standout dish. 
Other items were also well received including the duck taco appetizers and the “awesome” gourmet hamburger enjoyed by the lone teenager at our table.

Candelas opened it’s Coronado restaurant in July 2008.
They have a serious Happy Hour, Monday-Sunday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm with 50% off all drinks including bottles of wine, and 50% off all bar menu food items. For regular dining times, all Coronado residents and business owners are encouraged to apply for a 20% locals discount – ask your restaurant manager or server for details. Candelas by the Bay – another wonderful reason to live in Coronado.

1201 1st St # 115 Coronado, CA 92118

Reservations: (619) 435-4900



  1. Heidi,
    Thank you for your review, we all appreciated you comments about Candelas.
    come back soon!!

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