Posted by: projectnado | January 22, 2009

Life is Good

Life is Good!

Life is Good

Life is Good, especially if you are fortunate enough to live in Coronado.  This shot was taken on Monday, January 19, 2009 while browsing for a gift in the Village.  I thought this little fragment was very picturesque.  On the corner of Orange and C street, just next door to Austin’s Gallery at 1024 C Avenue • Coronado, California 92118.

Later, I ended up finding the perfect gift at Charisma, a delightful unique gift on Orange Ave near the Lambs Player Theater. Ceiling in Charisma

I took these two pictures inside the shop.  One picture shows the ceiling and all the interesting things going on inside, the other is of the stained glass from the front of the store as seen from inside.

I’m very fond of Stained Glass and this design is both refreshing and familiar.  At Charisma’s I selected a fun floppy felt hat, direct from the New York gift show and a very nice scarf, that was so well made and structured, I’m sure it’s recipient might decide to have it double as a table runner.

Stained Glass Window at Charisma's in Coronado


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