Posted by: projectnado | January 31, 2009

Living and Playing in the Coronado Cays

The Coronado Cays is a luxury residential marina community located between Silver Strand State Beach and the south end of the San Diego Bay. Immediately north of the Coronado Cays is the world famous Loewes Coronado Resort and Spa, which is currently having a great deal on rooms. 
  Loewes Coronado Special Rates

This residential marina community is part of the City of Coronado yet maintains it’s own unique character – primarily because of it’s separation from the hubbub of the Village, and it’s submersion into the quite serenity found in this peaceful natural oasis.

With several miles to the north and south of pristene coastline and bay views, the Coronado Cays embodies a quiet and a serenity like no other community so close to a major metropolitan area.

Cays residents enjoy the natural wetlands preserve and Port of San Diego maintained parks, miles of bike trails, and access within walking distance to Silver Strand State beach.

Residents of the Coronado Cays enjoy being surrounded by water, watching pelicans fly by, and delight in the sounds of waves crashing against the shore at night. Many homes in the Coronado Cays are directly on the water on one of the many Coronao Cays channels or inlets.

And whether the residence is situated directly on a channel or bay, most homeowners and tenants enjoy some access to either a private docks or boat slips. There are some moorages in the Cays of up to 100 plus feet.

Boaters delight in being able to live and unwind within steps of their boats or yachts, and when they want to take their crafts out, they enjoy easy entry to San Diego Bay. Anyone that enjoys nature, sun, sand, and water will love the Coronado Cays. Condominiums and single family homes in the Coronado Cays ranging between $600,000 and $7,000,000.

Most of the homes in the Coronado Cays have either private boat docks or shared community boat docks. In addition to individual community docks, there is also a fair number of slips available at the Coronado Cays Yacht Club, a private club with reasonable membership fees and limited available yacht slips.

Many of the residents don’t actually own a boat, a yacht, or even a Kayak, but still enjoy sharing space with all things nautical.


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