Beach Cruiser Life

Sydney the Beach Cruiser

One of the great things I love about living in Coronado is that I have the ability any day of the year to put my trusty digital camera in the basket of my beach cruiser and head outside for and the chance to take as many great photos as I want. From the office, or from my house, I’m only seconds away from beaches, the bay, the marina channels, natural preserves, community and natural parks.

This is a picture of Sydney, my trusty beach cruiser, as she stands – kick-stand down – posing for a shot in front of a blooming Century Plant at the Grand Caribe Isle park maintained by the Port of San Diego and located at the turnabout on Grand Caribe Way (near the Coronado Cays Yacht Club and the Prudential California Real Estate Offices) in the Coronado Cays.

Crane Statue in Grand Caribe Isle Shore Park

Crane Statue in Grand Caribe Isle Shore Park

Everyone loves a beautiful sunset and sometimes it’s nice to capture the moment with pictures. Recently, I rode my Beach Cruiser right onto the sand and took tons of photographs with my Lumix DMC-FZ8 digital camera. The chosen beach in this case was Coronado’s Silver Strand State Beach only minutes away from the Prudential Office in the Coronado Cays.



  1. hey sweet bikes!

  2. you know it, check out my new banner – beach cruiser guy with guitar

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